Our Customer Accounts Team are trained to help support you in times of financial difficulty. We can tailor solutions to meet your individual circumstance, then work with you to ensure these measures are helping you take back control of your bill.

If you are eligible for customer support programs, our team will ensure you:

  • Are treated with dignity and respect
  • Are shielded from further debt recovery action in relation to your water and sewerage bill
  • Receive information about alternative payment arrangements, water conservation, government concessions and assistance programs available to you

To help you pay your water bills we have a range of schemes available that you may be eligible for, including:

  • Payment Extensions
  • Various individualised payment arrangements
  • Government assistance, including the Utility Relief Grant Scheme
  • Pensions and concessions
  • Financial Assistance Program
  • Advice around water usage and leaks.

For more detailed information please refer to our Hardship Policy.

How can we help?
We understand that everyone’s lives can change according to circumstances – which sometimes results in financial challenges. If you are having trouble paying your account, please contact us on 1300 360 007.

We work alongside the following Financial Counsellors to assist you take back control of your finances:

Salvocare Northern Victoria (p) 5820 8000 and Primary Care Connect (p) 5823 3200

Payment Extensions
Is your payment problem short term? Simply call us to obtain an extension to the due date of your account or complete the Payment Extension Form.

Payment Arrangements
Payment Arrangements make bill payments more manageable.

  • Want to have your bills paid automatically?
  • Prefer to pay in instalments, weekly, fortnightly, monthly?
  • Receive a centrelink entitlement? We can set up a centrepay for you.

Utility Relief Grant Scheme
The Utility Relief Grant Scheme (URGS) provides once-off assistance for domestic customers who are unable to pay their utility accounts due to temporary financial crisis.

To qualify for the URGS you need to show that unexpected hardship has left you seriously short of money so that you cannot pay your account without assistance and risk restriction of supply. You must hold a Pensioner Concession Card or Health Care Card to be eligible. Examples of unexpected hardship include:

  • A significant increase in consumption
  • A recent decrease in income, for example, loss of income
  • High unexpected expenses for essential items

If you hold an eligible Pension or Concession Card, you may apply for discounted accounts and assistance programs. To receive water and sewerage concession you must:

  • Be the rate payer or owner of the property
  • Only use the property for residential purposes

Eligible cards include:

  • Centrelink Pension Concession Card
  • Centrelink Health Care Card
  • Department of Veterans’ Affairs Pension Concession Card
  • Department of Veterans’ Affairs Gold Repatriation Health Care Card for all conditions

Please refer to the Department of Human Services http://www.dhs.vic.gov.au/concessions for more information about eligibility criteria.

To qualify, the name and address on your water account must match the details on your concession card and be your primary residence. If you hold one of the cards listed above, please phone our customer service staff on 1300 360 007 for verification and registration or complete the online form below.

To be eligible for a concession account, you must register your concession details with us. The concession is automatically deducted from your account (you cannot present your concession card and pay over the counter if you have not already lodged your concession details). By providing your concession details, you authorise us to confirm your eligibility with Centrelink or the Department of Veterans Affairs.

If you are no longer entitled to a concession, you must contact us.

Concession Registration Form

Energy and Water Ombudsman (Victoria)
In the unlikely event that we cannot resolve your issue, you may choose to call the Energy and Water Ombudsman (Victoria) on freecall 1800 500 509 or visit www.ewov.com.au.