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Goulburn Valley Water

FAULTS & EMERGENCIES: 1800 454 500

Fees and Charges

Our fees and charges are based on the User Pays system. This means if you have water and sewerage available to your property, you are charged a standard rate for the provision of these services on top of usage charges. Your account is generally made up of two types of charges:

  • Water Usage Charges
  • Water and Sewerage Service Charges

Usage charges are based on the volume of water used, measured by your property meter three times a year. Tenants are only responsible for water usage charges.

All our tariffs are set in accordance with the Essential Services Commission's determination of our 2018-23 Price Submission, more details at

Residential Tariffs
These tariffs are for Residential Customers within a town with potable water supply and sewerage district.

Water Service Charge   $170.63 per year (20mm meter) 
Water Volumetric Charge  $1.1744 per kilolitre
Sewerage Service Charge  $443.15 per year

Business Tariffs
The tariffs are for Business Customers within a town water supply and sewerage district. 

Water Service Charge *  $170.63 per year (20mm meter)
Water Volumetric Charge $1.1744 per kilolitre 
Sewerage Service Charge $443.15 per year 
Sewerage Volumetric Charge $1.6009 per kilolitre

*Water Service Fees may vary depending on the size of water meter.

Most services provided by us do not attract GST, including all water and sewerage tariffs and usage charges. GST only applies to:

  • Commercial Leases and Rentals
  • Sale of Equipment
  • Cheque dishonour recovery fees
  • Legal cost recovery fees
  • Administration and Engineering fees
  • Inspection, construction audit and as constructed survey fees
  • Feasibility study fees

For details of all our tariffs including information on Water and Sewerage Connection Charges, Developer & Landowner Fees, Trade Waste Charges and Miscellaneous Fees & Charges please refer to our Tariff Schedule.