Some reticulation systems operated by us are classified as a Regulated Water or Non-Drinking Water (Non-Potable) supplies. We also supply regulated water and raw water under some of our Supply-by-Agreement arrangements. In each of these instances, regulated or non-drinking water, is water that is not intended for drinking but could be mistaken as drinking water. 

Non-drinking water is not fully treated and does not meet the requirements of the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines. Chlorine is added to our supply systems to minimise algae and weed growth in supply pipes. Sometimes non-drinking water may have a chlorine smell however it does not make the water safe to drink, the chlorine does not protect against disease-causing organisms that may contaminate the water.

Non-drinking water should not be used for:

  • drinking,
  • food preparation,
  • ice-making,
  • bathing,
  • cleaning teeth or
  • other uses where consumption may be possible

Non-drinking water can be used for:

  • toilet flushing
  • washing clothes
  • watering gardens or
  • industrial processes that do not require water of a potable standard

If you receive a non-drinking water supply you should ensure visitors to your home, business or tenants are aware that water is not for consumption. Towns that receive non-drinking water supplies include:

  • Corop
  • Goulburn Weir (Baxters Road)
  • Kirwan’s Bridge
  • Molesworth
  • Strathbogie
  • Woods Point

Further details about water quality, treatment and supply can be found here.