Our commitment to improving water quality in the catchment is demonstrated by our long term sponsorship of the community water quality monitoring program, Waterwatch.

Goulburn Broken Waterwatch works with schools, community groups and interested individuals to raise awareness of water quality issues and to encourage practical actions that will improve waterway health in our catchment.  Participants are provided with equipment and training, and encouraged to regularly monitor their local waterways for parameters including turbidity, salinity, nutrients, E.coli, dissolved oxygen, temperature, pH and macroinvertebrates.  Waterwatch data collected in the Goulburn Broken catchment, as well as the rest of Victoria, can be found at Waterwatch Victoria. The program also has a wide range of educational resources and equipment available for schools and community groups interested in learning more about water in our region.

Waterwatch Coordinators are available free of charge to run water and environmental activities and to assist schools and community groups with water quality monitoring, field trips and presentations. Complete our online booking form to register your interest in a Waterwatch session.