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Goulburn Valley Water

FAULTS & EMERGENCIES: 1800 454 500

Our Services

Our core purpose is to deliver safe, reliable and affordable water services to our residential, commercial and industrial customers.

We provide water and wastewater services to customers in 54 towns, operating 37 water treatment plants and 26 wastewater management facilities. We provide adequate storage capacity and meet the ever growing demand from a population of over 125,000 people. We maintain over 1,800km of distribution and reticulation pipelines and 128 water storage tanks and reservoirs.

Water Source

In the Goulburn Valley, water for drinking purposes is obtained from surface water sources such as rivers, creeks, channels and reservoirs Read More

Water Treatment

Treatment of raw water is necessary to remove colour, fine particulates, harmful chemicals, organic compounds and most importantly, harmful micro-organisms. Read More

Water Delivery

Our water is distributed via an underground network which includes over 1700 kilometres of distribution and reticulation pipelines. Read More

Water Usage

We provide drinking water to over 50,000 households in and almost 130,000 people in our region. Customers are accustomed to turning on their taps and receiving potable drinking water on demand. Read More

Wastewater Transport

Our sewerage system services 30 towns, transporting wastewater to Wastewater Management Facilities via 1,200 kilometres of underground sewer network. Read More

Wastewater Treatment

We operate 26 Wastewater Management Facilities (WMF), the majority of which use lagoon treatment of wastewater followed by land-based reuse. There are three stages of wastewater treatment Read More

Recycled Water and By-products

Recycled water is wastewater from urban communities that has undergone extensive treatment to produce high quality reusable water. Read More