We service residential (domestic) and non-residential (business) customers.

We provide water to more than 50,000 households and over 125,000 people in our region. Customers are accustomed to turning on their taps and receiving potable drinking water on demand. On average our residential customers use water for the following activities:

  • Toilet – 20 litres per person per day
  • Shower – 40 litres per person per day
  • Drinking, cooking, cleaning – 8 litres per person per day
  • Gardening – 1,000 litres per hour

We have nearly 7,000 non-residential properties across our region. These customers operate businesses such as take-away shops, schools, hospitals and shopping centres through to major industries including canneries, dairy processing facilities and abattoirs.

For more information download our What's behind the Tap - Water Usage Brochure