Goulburn Valley Water has a mandated district for each town for water supply, it is within this area that we can guarantee the supply and quality of our water and our customers are covered by our Customer Charter.

Water by Agreements are utilised for our customers with properties that are either:

  • outside of the water district but serviced by one of our reticulated mains
  • outside of the water district and supplied by a private water line
  • inside the water district but serviced by a private line
  • as a result of pressure levels and/or quality of supply.

Some customers may have a property within the water district; however, due to undulating land or the height of the property in regard to our water systems we may not be able to guarantee water pressure, and a water by agreement may be required outlining the requirement for the customer to install tanks and pressure pumping systems.

Undulating or mountainous terrain may mean pressure cannot be guaranteed.

When a property that is identified as being supplied by a water by agreement arrangement changes ownership, Goulburn Valley Water provides this information on the information statement requested by the solicitor or conveyancer, and will issue a new agreement to the new property owner.

Private line connections

Customers that are supplied by a private water line are responsible for all maintenance and the ultimate replacement of these lines, inclusive of leaks. In some cases there may be several customers supplied by the same private line, in this case the maintenance and ultimate replacement is the responsibility of the residents connected, Goulburn Valley Water cannot provide the names and contact details of those connected to these lines to any party.

Please see our Water by Agreement Information Sheet (PDF, 495kb) for more details.