Before you design a new structure please read our new structure matrix which outlines the circumstances we will approve, consider or refuse applications.

If you are planning to erect a structure on or over an easement, or within 1m of our assets, you will need to apply for consent. Our preference is that you design your structure so that access to our assets is not compromised however if this is not possible you will need to apply for our consent prior to beginning construction.

Your application form must be accompanied by the fee and a site plan detailing the property boundaries, existing development and proposed works with all relevant dimensions. You may apply to replace or relocate sewers to accommodate your design however these costs will be entirely borne by you and are subject to our approval. 

We will advise you, in writing, of the outcome of your application and any conditions which may be attached if approval is granted.

Dial before you dig
If you are planning on undertaking any type of excavation activity, it is important to be aware of hazards and underground assets at the site.

Dial Before You Dig is a free referral service for information about underground pipes and cables Australia-wide. To find out if there is anything that may impact your works simply dial 1100 or visit