Each property owner is responsible for applying and paying for the connection of water and sewer services to their property if available. Only a licensed plumber can carry out any water or sewer connection works.

All works associated with connection to our water or sewer systems must be completed by a licenced plumber and comply with requirements of the Water Act 1989, AS/NZS3500 and the Water (Estimation, Supply and Sewerage) Regulations 2014.

For further details of our requirements see our Conditions of Connection (PDF, 62kb).

To apply to connect to our water or sewer reticulation system complete the Connect to Water or Sewer Application form.

All works must be completed by a licenced plumber.

Applications for connection must be accompanied by site and fixture/floor plans inclusive of boundary offsets. Please note: Applications that do not include site and fixture/floor plans or insufficient plans may be subject to a delay in processing.

* Please allow 10 business days to process your application.

If you are requesting a tapping larger than 20mm please additionally complete the Tapping size Request form and submit this with your completed Connect to Water or Sewer Application.