We publish information about new or existing properties across our service area where we've made provisions for water and/or sewerage services. This information is also published on a monthly basis in the Victorian Government Gazette.

Declaration of Serviced Properties:
May 2021 (PDF, 37kb)
June 2021 (PDF, 32kb)
July 2021 (PDF, 33kb)
♦ August 2021 (PDF, 32kb)
♦ September 2021 (PDF, 32kb)
♦ October 2021 (PDF, 35kb)
♦ November 2021 (PDF, 35kb)
♦ December 2021 (PDF, 32kb)
♦ January 2022 (PDF, 32kb)
February 2022 (PDF, 34kb)
March 2022 (PDF, 33kb)
April 2022 (PDF, 32kb)