We publish information about new or existing properties across our service area where we've made provisions for water and/or sewerage services. This information is also published on a monthly basis in the Victorian Government Gazette.

Declaration of Serviced Properties:
February 2022 (PDF, 34kb)
March 2022 (PDF, 33kb)
April 2022 (PDF, 32kb)
May 2022 (PDF, 33kb)
June 2022 (PDF, 36kb)
July 2022 (PDF, 33kb)
August 2022 (PDF, 35kb)
September 2022 (PDF, 35kb)
October 2022 (PDF, 33kb)
November 2022 (PDF, 32kb)
December 2022 (PDF, 33kb)
January 2023 (PDF, 33kb)
February 2023 (PDF, 33kb)
March 2023 (PDF, 32kb)
April 2023 (PDF, 31kb)
May 2023 (PDF, 35kb)