For contractors seeking to become accredited with Goulburn Valley Water to undertake new sewerage and water reticulation installations, but do not have an existing accreditation with another Victorian metropolitan and/or regional water authorities, please refer to the Provisional Contractor Accreditation Process (PDF, 76kb).

Your application for accreditation must address the accreditation criteria listed in the Provisional Contractor Accreditation Process. The Contractor Accreditation Declaration (PDF, 80kb) form is to be completed and submitted with your application.

Subject to meeting the criteria listed in the Provisional Contractor Accreditation Process, the contractor would also be required to coordinate an audit of the works listed under Key Audit Components provided on the Provisional Accredited Contractor Inspection Request (PDF, 90kb) form. Please familiarise yourself with this form and its requirements prior to making your submission for a provisional accredited contractor.

The provisional status of your contractor accreditation with Goulburn Valley Water would be reviewed once the contractor has satisfactorily completed the provisional accreditation requirements imposed by Goulburn Valley Water.