18 June, 2024
Protecting your water meter in winter 18 June 2024 Goulburn Valley Water is reminding people not to forget about the humble water meter as winter descends on the region and near zero overnight temperatures become common place.

While we are still in the early days of June there are some important considerations to be made before that thin layer of ice starts to form on the lawns of our homes and windscreens of our vehicles.

GVW Managing Director Dr Steve Capewell said the extreme cold of winter could impact the supply of water to people’s homes, something many of us take for granted.

“Most water meters and pipes sit above the ground and are open to the elements. The water sitting inside meters and pipes can freeze when exposed to very cold temperatures. This will result in your property having no water and can lead to broken or split pipes,” he said.

Dr Capewell said it was important for customers to remember that although meters remain GVW property, customers were responsible for maintenance and protection of a meter on their property.

If a meter or the attached pipework is damaged or vandalised (regardless of the cause) the customer will be required to employ a plumber to undertake repairs.

Dr Capewell said good news was there were a number of simple and inexpensive ways to ensure your water supply was not impacted by the cold.

“As is generally the case, prevention is better than cure. Should your meter freeze you will likely notice a severe drop in water pressure and possibly a complete loss of water,” he said.

Here’s some advice on how best to protect your water meter from the winter cold.

• If the temperature is forecast to drop below zero, cover the meter to trap the air around it and stop the water inside it from freezing. This will protect your meter from splitting or bursting, and help prevent water from freezing inside the pipes to ensure you've still got access to water for your morning coffee and shower.

• You can use regular household items to cover your meter, such as: plastic tubs, cardboard boxes, blankets or buckets.

If you experience issues with your GVW services or meter, call our 24/7 Customer Service Centre on 1800 454 500 for further advice.