26 November 2021

Goulburn Valley Water customers are being encouraged to ‘build a bill’ to help shape future services and pricing.

People can use an interactive online tool, sliding the scales backwards or forwards on different topics to show their preferences for future services and improvements.

Each change of the slider shows how the prices will impact charges for pensioners, homeowners, renters and small businesses on each bill; as well as over one year and for the full five-year pricing period.

GVW is currently developing its next five-year price plan, following on from its current plan which has seen water costs drop by two per cent every year for the past four years - meaning residents in the region have some of the cheapest water bills in Victoria.

People who build a bill and submit their bill preferences will go in the draw to win one of six $150 local produce hampers.

Feedback will help shape the prioritised preferences included in our pricing submission, due to submitted to the Essential Services Commission next year.

Managing Director Steve Capewell said understanding customer priorities and preferences was a key part of developing the right plan for the future.

“Our first phase of customer engagement earlier this year was about understanding what is important to customers and communities right across our region,” Dr Capewell said.

“From that, we have identified the key themes and ideas, and now we’re delving deeper into some of those areas. One way we’re doing that is to understand what aspects of our service customers think we should change – more, the same, or less – so we can land on options for our price submission that meet customer needs.”

“I really encourage everyone to build-a-bill online so we can make informed decisions about our future services.”

Visit our Think Beyond Water page to find the interactive build-a-bill tool and find out more about our pricing submission process and updates.