When applying for a job with us your application must contain the following to be eligible:

  • Cover Letter
  • Resume
  • Key Selection Criteria

Cover Letter
A cover letter is a way of introducing yourself to the selection panel and should include your full name, address, contact number and the title of the position you are applying for. It should also include why you are interested in the position and a summary of your skills and experience that meet the key selection criteria.

Your resume is a statement of your work history and qualifications. It should be no longer than four pages and should be relevant to the job you are applying for. An up to date resume should include the following:

  • Personal Details including your name, address, contact number and email address.
  • Education and Qualificiations including your school, university or TAFE qualification and any other relevant licences or certificates. List qualifications chronologically (most recent first) including name of qualification, year awarded and institution. You may be asked to provide evidence of these.
  • Employment History should be listed chronologically (most recent first), include employer’s name, period of employment, position title and your main areas of responsibility, including key achievements.
  • A minimum of three professional References. You must include their name, position, organisation and daytime telephone number.
  • Additional Information to support your application such as community involvement and volunteer work.

Key Selection Criteria
The key selection criteria outlines the minimum skills and level of knowledge required to undertake the advertised position successfully. Each position has a Position Description available for download with the key selection criteria listed. You must address each criteria individually with a brief paragraph using examples to outline how your experience, qualifications, skills, abilities and knowledge allow you to meet the criteria.

To address the key selection criteria you should read the Position Description carefully identifying the major points in each statement, including:

  • How you meet each of the Key Selection Criteria. Explain using examples that detail your involvement in processes or how you applied a specific skill.
  • Provide evidence that supports your examples, this can be through work or life experience.
  • Explain how you were successful and what impact you made.
  • Be concise and include the most relevant information.
  • It is not sufficient to simply state that you meet the Key Selection Criteria, you must explain how you meet them.

Submitting Your Application
Applications must be received by us by 5.00pm on the closing date to be considered. Our preference is for applications to be emailed to employment@gvwater.vic.gov.au. Ensure that in the email subject line you include your name, the position title and number. Attachments are required to be in Word or PDF format. If you are unable to submit your application via email please send it to:

Recruitment and Human Resources Advisor
Goulburn Valley Water
PO Box 185

We will acknowledge your application by email. If you have not received any further correspondence from us within 10 days of the closing date, your application has been unsuccessful.

We are an equal opportunity employer with a culture of safety and environmental sustainability.