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Goulburn Valley Water

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Consultants and Contractors

Consultants and Contractors carry out various activities on our behalf and all are expected to complete a health, safety and environment induction prior to commencing work. 

We have recently introduced a new online induction, replacing the previous face to face process. It is a requirement that all contractors complete the new induction irrespective of current induction status, by 31 March 2016, to continue working as a contractor for us.

Click here to access the new induction.

Authorisation to work may be denied if the new induction is not complete. Site specific induction remains the same. Please print your new contractor induction card which will be generated after completing the online induction. Retain your old contractor card as proof of the site specific induction you have previously completed until you have your current stickers transferred to your new card. After your new card is re-stickered your old card should be handed in to us.

We apologise for this short term inconvenience however the new system will streamline inductions and make the contractor induction process more efficient.