Goulburn Valley Water has a genuine commitment to provide value for money to customers and to be a respected contributor to the fabric of our regional communities. We are focused on ensuring that our services and manner of delivery are reflective of the expectations and preferences of our customers, for the Price Period 2018-23 and beyond.

The projects outlined below were developed though in-depth customer engagement during in the lead up to submitting the price plan to the Essential Service Commission. From this engagement four key themes were determined:

  1. The best price for customers
  2. A renewed focus on water quality and supply
  3. Modern and thoughtful customer service
  4. Meaningful environmental and recreational services

Separate to these outcomes is our pledge to continue operating our core regulated business at a high level and a not-negotiable promise to fulfil legal and regulatory obligations and maintain or improve service standards.

The projects listed below have been developed by involving customers in the decision making process and although not directly impacting all our customers, will improve outcomes for the region as a whole.