23 July 2021

Status update 1

A project starting next week will see the capacity of the Woods Point water supply system upgraded.

A new 250 kilolitre tank will be installed, guaranteeing a minimum eight hours of water supply for residents. This means people will still be able to access water if there is an issue at the site, if someone from our operations and maintenance team can’t respond immediately.

The $335,000 project is expected to run for about 4 weeks, and people may notice our contractors on the site as construction works take place.

There may be a short interruption to your water supply when we connect in the new tank – we’ll send another text message with further details before that happens.

Project overview

Goulburn Valley Water supplies Woods Point with non-potable (non-drinking water). There is currently a 50 kilolitre water tank supplying water to residents.

We have recently changed our standards to ensure every town we supply has a minimum level of water supply for eight hours. This means we need to upgrade the capacity of the storage at Woods Point to meet these new requirements.