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Goulburn Valley Water

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Land Development Framework

Our Land Development and Construction Framework consists of a variety of catalogues, design guidelines, drawings, operating instructions and forms to ensure consistency and guide appropriate behaviour and work practices. The Framework is being reviewed with a number of changes already made. Revisions to date include:

  • Sewage Pump Station Design Manual;
  • Sewage Pump Station Guidelines;
  • Actual Cost Form for New Assets;
  • SOI for CCTV Inspection of New Sewer Mains;
  • Water Main Shutdown Procedure;
  • GVW Supplement to the Sewerage Code of Australia WSA02-2002-2.3 MRWA Edition;
  • GVW Supplement to the Water Reticulation Code of Australia WSA03-2002-2.3 MRWA Edition;
  • Standard Drawing - Property Services Connection to Water Main; and
  • Ventilation Design Guidelines. 

Documents currently under review include:

  • Sewage Pump Station Standard Drawings.

Further revisions will be made to these and other documents to incorporate requirements prescribed in our Sewer Network Odour Management Strategy. New documents will also be developed and added to the Framework as they become available. To assist with version control, the revision number and date are shown on all of our documents and drawings. 

For further information contact our Technical Customer Service team

Product Catalogues

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Developer Construct Agreements

Planning Permit, Infrastructure Extension, Design and Construction Information. Read More

Design Guidelines

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Water Supply

Guidelines, standard drawings and forms for changes to our water reticulation systems can be found here. Water_Main_Shutdown_(Planned)_Procedure_(QDOC267).pdf Read More


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Sewage Pump Station and Rising Mains

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Pressure Sewer

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