We have a wide range of educational resources available for schools and community groups interested in learning more about water in our region.

Choose Tap
Name Type of Resource Level
Choose Tap Education Booklet (PDF, 1.69MB) Booklet of Activities Prep - Gr 2
Choose Tap Education Booklet (PDF, 1.52MB) Booklet of Activities Gr 3 - G 4
Choose Tap Education Booklet (PDF, 1.82MB) Booklet of Activities Gr 5 - Gr 6
Choose Tap Family Competition (PDF, 541KB) Activity Prep - Gr 6
Terry Tap Colour In Sheet (PDF, 169KB) Activity Preschool - Prep
Choose Tap Boardgame (PDF, 980KB) Activity Prep - Gr 4
Choose Tap Boardgame (PDF, 990KB) Activity Gr 5 - Yr 9
Fountains and Drains Boardgame (PDF, 1.21MB) Activity Prep - Gr 6
How Water Keeps You Healthy (PDF, 1.11MB) Information Sheet Prep - Gr 6
Stay Healthy Stay Hydrated (PDF, 335KB) Information Sheet Adults
Wee Chart (PDF, 189KB) Information Sheet Preschool - Adults
Water Cycle
Water Cycle Game (PDF, 3.75MB) Activity Prep - Gr 6
Water Cycle Game - GV Water Specific (PDF, 7.35MB) Activity Gr 5 - Yr 12
Water Cycle in a Bag (PDF, 274KB) Activity Preschool - Gr 6
Water Cycle Wheel (PDF, 331KB) Activity Preschool - Gr 6
Water Use
Making Grass Heads (PDF, 463KB) Activity Preschool - Gr 6
How I Use Water (PDF, 911KB) Worksheet Preschool - Gr 4
Water Treatment
Making a Water Filter (PDF, 304KB) Activity Gr 5 - Yr 12
Water Conservation
Home Water Audit (PDF, 195KB) Activity Gr 5 - Yr 8
School Water Audit (PDF, 1.01MB) Activity Yr 7 - Yr 12
Wastewater Management/Don't Flush It
The Big Flush (PDF, 746KB) Worksheet Prep - Gr 6