2 July 2021

Stanhope students have committed to make the switch to tap water as their drop of choice to help improve their health and wellbeing.

The school has pledged to become a Water Only school, with the Goulburn Valley Water program launching last Thursday with activities and games.

They join more than 70 other workplaces, schools, kindergartens and playgroups in the program, which asks people to pledge to only drinking water during work or school hours.

It also aims to highlight the health, environmental and financial benefits of choosing water, with one plastic bottle of water costing the same as about 3000 litres from the tap.

Stanhope Primary School Principal Christine Owen said encouraging students to drink more water while at school would help boost their concentration levels.

“We think it’s a wonderful program and we’re really excited to be part of it,” she said.

“Encouraging students to drink more water more often will help them focus at school and the program will help teach them why it’s so important to drink water to benefit their health every day.”

GVW Education Officer Kristy Elrington said the program aimed to give children the information they needed to help them make smart choices about what they drink every day.

Some drink options, including soft drinks, iced teas and fruit juice, have more than 10 teaspoons of sugar in them – almost double the recommended daily added sugar intake for an adult.

“We want to help kids understand that these sugary drinks are only sometimes drinks and water is the best thing they can drink to stay healthy. We also hope that they also take that information home and share it with their family and friends,” she said.

“We want to encourage everyone to choose tap water as their drink of choice, because our water is some of the best tasting in Victoria, and it’s so much cheaper than bottled drinks.”

To find out more about becoming a Water Only workplace, school, kindergarten or playgroup, phone (03) 5832 4869 or email education@gvwater.vic.gov.au