25 June 2020

Significant improvement works will soon be underway at the Shepparton Wastewater Management Facility (WMF) to ensure GVW continues to provide efficient wastewater treatment processes at the large-scale facility. 

The $10.4 million critical project involves replacing the cover of a large wastewater treatment basin, which currently has a large 200m-long tear.  

GVW’s General Manager Planning & Assets Daniel Hughes explained the cover is vital for Shepparton’s specialised High Rate Anaerobic Lagoon (HRAL) which treats the town’s large industrial and residential waste water inflows. 

“The Shepparton HRAL is nearly 50,000m2 in size and is covered by a large 1.14mm thick flexible geosynthetic cover, which is in place to promote ideal anaerobic conditions,” Mr Hughes said.  

“While promoting ideal conditions for the various natural and synthetic processes that take place in the lagoon, the cover also allows GVW to control odour, while collecting and storing methane which is then sold to a third party - providing electricity back into the grid for use by consumers. 

“These crucial replacement works may result in a temporary increase in odour in the area surrounding the plant as the cover is removed and replaced, however we have measures in place to ensure any impact to the community is minimised as much as possible.  

“The community can be reassured that there are no health risks associated with any noticeable increase in odour, and we are working with the Environment Protection Authority to ensure appropriate protections are in place. 

“We thank the community for their patience and understanding while we undertake this vital work, which will help optimise the treatment process.” 

GVW will monitor odours during the construction works and utilise a misting spray at the site to help mask the odours if required.  

The works are expected to be completed by March 2021. Customers will be kept informed of impacts throughout the project in a number of ways, including social media updates, SMS messages, and website information at https://www.gvwater.vic.gov.au/projects/current-projects/shepparton-high-rate-anaerobic-lagoon-cover-removal

If the works are impacting you or you wish to provide feedback please contact 1800 454500, or mail@gvwater.vic.gov.au