28 September 2020

Goulburn Valley Water’s new Managing Director has hit the ground running, despite arriving from Perth to join the business in very unusual circumstances – in the middle of a state-wide lockdown where almost everyone is working remotely.

Almost a month into the job, Steve Capewell has been spending time learning the intricacies of GVW and meeting most of the staff through a screen – although he’s hopeful that will change in the future.

“GVW is a fantastic organisation with highly talented people and great aspirations for its customers and the community.  I’m really proud and humbled to have been given the opportunity to lead the business into the future,” he said.

Dr Capewell spent almost 18 years at Water Corporation in Western Australia and with a PhD in Chemical Engineering, brings a significant technical background and commercial skillset to his tenure as Goulburn Valley Water’s Managing Director.

He’s spent more than seven years in various general manager roles across different portfolios at Water Corporation, and has expertise in the fields of asset planning, operations and maintenance, business strategy and customer service.

In addition, Dr Capewell has been a long-term Director with Water Research Australia, and served as the Chairman of the two large desalination plant alliances in Perth.

Looking to his key priorities as he settles into the Managing Director role, Dr Capewell is keen to continue strengthening business performance and culture, as well as draw on his most recent experience in Western Australia regarding innovation in the water sector.

“There’s a fantastic opportunity for us as a water services provider to contribute strongly to the growth of our communities, both economically and socially,” Dr Capewell said.

“I’d like to continue exploring how we can work with our customers, stakeholders and strategic partners to understand our priorities for delivering greater value.

“I also want to look at how we can leverage our position to continue to improve what we do on a daily basis in delivering safe, reliable and affordable services to our communities.”

An avid cyclist and golfer, Dr Capewell is also keen to start exploring northern Victoria’s picturesque outdoors, particularly as restrictions continue to lift.