19 June 2020

Customer water use information available to Goulburn Valley Water (GVW) will be increasingly more detailed with the installation of Intelligent Meters in several towns approaching.

A number of GVW towns are being considered for inclusion in a trial which will see traditional analogue meters exchanged for digital later this year, with population growth and community development both factors being considered.

This project offers many benefits for customers, including early leak detection, more accurate bills and no meter readers requiring access to properties.

  • analogue water meters are currently read manually every four months and a leak can take some time to be identified. Real time data can highlight these anomalies and save both water and money for the customer.
  • analogue water meters that are hard to access due to overgrown gardens or unrestrained pets lead to estimated reads. Real time data transmission removes the ambiguity from the reads and provides customers with bills that align accurately with use.
  • analogue water meters require a GVW meter reader to attend the property each billing cycle, which will no longer be required.

General Manager Planning & Assets, Daniel Hughes, said that the technology, which sends digital usage data to a central database for billing and other purposes, will contribute to savings in both water and money.

“While we currently have access to usage volumes per system via manual reads every four months, the introduction of Intelligent Metering will provide us with more frequent reads, providing a significantly better understanding of customers' water usage.”

“This data will play a significant role in reducing water wastage, and minimising consumption charges for our customers.”

Mr Hughes said GVW will have access to a level of detail that will be extremely beneficial to both the organisation and to customers.

“Once these meters are activated and data is being received by the system, we expect to use the information to develop targeted education programs and inform the varied ways that we can encourage customers to reduce or restructure water use.”

The digital data received will also enable GVW to identify network efficiencies, manage and maintain assets, and make informed decisions on repairs and decisions on capital works.

Mr Hughes said that while GVW is currently able to conduct broad brush analysis of water use behaviours, the digital data would be useful to understand when and how the customers use their water, and evidence of leaks or unusual patterns would become clearer.

“The data that will be accessible to us will be useful for planning, reporting and for understanding customer water use, and highly valuable in the work we do with the community and customers.” 

“We look forward to sharing the learnings with customers as we progress on this journey.”

Customers who will be receiving these meters will be contacted and kept informed about the installation process as the project progresses. 

Customers are encouraged to provide feedback on this project or GVW's services on 1800 45 45 00, and any customer wishing to discuss an opt-out arrangement can do via initial enquiry email to mail@gvwater.vic.gov.au.