The Goulburn Valley Water (GVW) program to exchange mechanical water meters for intelligent meters at no additional cost to customers will move into Kilmore as of next week. 

The new digital metering technology, which was also recently installed in Broadford, is being installed by New Plumbing Solutions (NPS) to help reduce water wastage and detect leaks early as part of a multi-million dollar project being rolled out by GVW and project partner SUEZ Water. 

The project will create a number of benefits for customers and GVW, including real-time water usage information, more accurate meter reads, the ability to identify cost savings and network efficiencies, and quicker leak detection.  

As of Monday 17 May the installation will be occurring across properties on the Kilmore reticulation network, between the days/hours as follows:

  • 7:30am-6pm Monday-Friday
  • 8am-3pm Saturday

Along with the Broadford findings, results from this trial will determine GVW’s future commitment to installing meters across the rest of its service area.  

NPS representatives will be door knocking in a COVID-safe way to advise customers that they are onsite, and if the customer is not at home a notification will be left in their mail box to let them know that the exchange has occurred.

Digital meters do not pose a health risk to customers or the community and customers will not be charged for the new meters.  

The meter trial is voluntary in that customers will be offered an opportunity to opt out of the project and retain their current meter if they prefer.  

Those who wish to make enquiries, discuss opt-out eligibility, provide feedback or alert GVW to a technical or service related issue are invited to call 1800 45 45 00.