Goulburn Valley Water (GVW) is delighted to share the news that the AWA has announced finalists for the Vic Water Awards, and GVW is a finalist in the ‘Organisational Excellence’ category.

This award recognises significant and innovative water initiatives driving prosperity, sustainability and transformative change – and external programs improving engagement or outcomes for communities and partners. Examples include diversity and inclusion programs, international outreach featuring Australian technology or know-how, and new ways to collaborate and finance projects.   

Entry is at a state or territory level with winners eligible for national awards. More information about the awards can be found here: https://www.awa.asn.au/awards-organisation#organisational-excellence-award

Judging Criteria:

  • Original or innovative project with outstanding features which sets it apart from comparable projects  
  • Relevant and future focused for those working with water 
  • Demonstrates tangible benefits - social, economic, environmental and/or cultural 
  • Evidence initiative completed in the 2 years before the nomination date 


GVW’s submission was in the theme of ‘Enhancing liveability and prosperity in the Goulburn Valley’:

Beginning in 2020 Goulburn Valley Water (GVW) commenced a phase of strategic renewal centred around the creation of ‘Healthy and Prosperous Communities’. This followed extensive customer and stakeholder engagement which highlighted the ‘enabling effect’ of GVW’s very low water prices for customers, but also the importance of GVW taking the lead in areas including liveability and community wellbeing, environmental sustainability and supporting social and economic growth across the region. It took into consideration the unique attributes of the Goulburn Valley including the important role it plays as the ‘food bowl of Victoria’.

GVW’s ‘Healthy and Prosperous Communities’ program therefore incorporates a number of strategic projects and initiatives that drive liveability, environmental excellence, local jobs creation, economic growth opportunities, and community wellbeing. The initiatives in the program range in size from small, local community liveability projects through to the (potential) delivery of large scale renewable energy infrastructure for industry.  All are delivered through partnerships with relevant community stakeholders and regardless of size, the initiatives are designed to maximise community impact by providing tangible, sustainable benefits.

Significant progress has been made in the last 2 years with a number of projects that have been planned, designed and delivered to community leading to significant and sustainable local benefit. 

The following projects were highlighted in the submission:

  • Shepparton waste management facility lagoon cover project
  • Dunyak Moira Community Fishing Project
  • Greening Euroa Project.


Award winners will be announced in November.