7 May 2021

While summer is officially over, Goulburn Valley Water is urging people to continue their water saving habits throughout the entire year.

Summer water usage peaked in January 2021, with GVW producing more than 3,710 megalitres, compared to 3,147 ML in January 2020.

Managing Director Steve Capewell said with consumption trends on the rise, it was everyone’s responsibility to use water wisely year-round.

“There is only a finite amount of water available, and while we’re working to integrate smart, sustainable water reuse opportunities, it’s our responsibility to be smart about water use.”

People are being urged to focus on saving water indoors in the cooler months to keep making every drop count year-round. Key tips include shaving your shower time down to 4 minutes to save up to 40 litres per shower per day and save energy too, and turning the tap off while you’re brushing your teeth.

Running dishwashers and washing machines only when full and on ‘eco’ cycles will help reduce water wastage. In the kitchen, catch running water while rinsing vegetables to use to water pot plants; and fix dripping taps, which can waste up to 12,000 litres a year.

In 2020, despite cooler temperatures and increased rainfall, overall summer water use remained high at 9,479 ML from December to February compared to 9,366 ML in 2019-20, 9,793 ML in 2018-19 and 9,000 ML in 2017-18.

“While the weather has been cooler and we have seen higher levels of rainfall across the region this year compared to previous years, we all need to continue saving water,” Dr Capewell said.

Permanent Water Saving Rules are in place year round to encourage water efficiency.They include watering gardens with sprinkler systems only between 6pm and 10am to reduce evaporation, using a broom or a blower to clean hard surfaces and washing vehicles with a bucket or hose fitted with a trigger nozzle.

You can find tips to save water indoors and outdoors - as well as a water calculator to find out just how much water your household uses - on GVW’s Every Drop Counts page.