All media releases published during 2019 are archived in PDF format for access here:

Nathalia Wastewater Management Facility Desludging 01-01-2019 (PDF: 422.8 KB)

Seymour Water Treatment Plant pump failure 07-01-2019 (PDF: 89.9 KB)

Drink water to beat the heat 15-01-2019 (PDF: 230.9 KB)

Statement on Avenel water quality 17-01-2019 (PDF: 145.0KB)

▶ Statement on Picola water quality 25-01-2019 (PDF: 87.6KB)

▶ Community invited to tour Picola’s Water Treatment Plant 04-02-2019 (PDF: 221.1KB)

Standpipe upgrade project to improve access 18-02-2019 (PDF: 210.8KB)

Kilmore residents urged to help conserve water 28-02-2019 (PDF: 444.4KB)

Tongala boil water notice lifted 03-03-2019 (PDF: 87.4KB)

Euroa-Violet Town storage works continue, but conservation efforts required in the interim 08-03-2019 (PDF: 121.3KB)

GVW extends partnership with GVL 05-04-2019 (PDF: 85.5KB)

Stage 2 water restrictions for Euroa, Violet Town 05-04-2019 (PDF: 278.2KB)

Stage 2 water restrictions for Kilmore district 05-04-2019 (PDF: 305.7KB)

EOI for GVW's audit committee 21-05-2019 (PDF: 94.3KB)

Customer engagement paves the way for GVW 29-05-2019 (PDF: 304.8KB)

Tour through towns on water restrictions 06-06-2019 (PDF: KB)

Kilmore and district residents urged to continue saving water 07-06-2019 (PDF: 91.9KB)

Recent rainfall welcome but water restrictions still in place 07-06-2019 (PDF: KB)

GVW to conduct phone survey 13-06-2019 (PDF: 85.6KB)

▶ Treated wastewater discharge from Kilmore Wastewater Management Facility 13-06-2019 (PDF: 84.3KB)

Hydration station installation for Tallygaroopna and Toolamba 18-06-2019 (PDF: KB)

Dookie community set to hydrate and feel great 25-06-2019 (PDF: 275.3KB)

New life for Grahamvale water mains 03-07-2019 (PDF: 87.9KB)

Call for Sunday Creek information 29-07-2019 (PDF: 771.8KB)

Kialla school launches as Water Only 15-08-2019 (PDF: 89.1KB)

Recycled Water Release - Mansfield 15-08-2019 (PDF: 86.3KB)

Alexandra set to hydrate with new station 11-09-2019 (PDF: 483.7KB)

Kyabram tank to get artistic facelift 20-09-2019 (PDF: 269.3KB)

Euroa welcomes rain ahead of warm summer 26-09-2019 (PDF: 89.4KB)

GVW to benefit from solar technology 26-09-2019 (PDF: 294KB)

Rains welcome in Kilmore ahead of warm summer 26-09-2019 (PDF: 89.7KB)

Kilmore Talk and Tour – Water Week 10-10-2019 (PDF: 89.3KB)

National Water Week to be celebrated in Tongala 14-10-2019 (PDF: 179.6KB)

Water main renewal works set for Shepparton 01-11-2019 (PDF: 86.2KB)

Water restrictions lifted for the Kilmore district 04-11-2019 (PDF: 179.6KB)

Recycled water to be released in Kilmore 14-11-2019 (PDF: 85.4KB)

Your town water supply in a fire 15-11-2019 (PDF: 87.8KB)

GVW Solar Project - Works Begin in Shepparton 25-11-2019 (PDF: 89.7KB)

Yea elevated water tank to be removed 28-11-2019 (PDF: 179.2KB)

GVW farewells board chair Catherine Scott 29-11-2019 (PDF: 87.2KB)

New station to keep Nathalia hydrated 05-12-2019 (PDF: 242.2KB)

New bore to secure Euroa supply 17-12-2019 (PDF: 166.2KB)