All media releases published during 2016 are archived in PDF format for access here:

Cobram water main burst, Boorin St 17-01-2016 (PDF: 16.7KB)

Wet wipes, nappies, pads in sewers - Weekly Times 18-01-2016 (PDF: 45.6KB)

Toolamba Primary Water only school launch 06-02-2016 (PDF: 84.5KB)

Safe water assured for GVW customers during algal bloom 25-02-2016 (PDF: 91.9KB)

Marysville wins silver medal at international competition 29-02-2016 (PDF: 91.5KB)

Help Shape Water For Victoria - DEL 16-03-2016 (PDF: 137.2KB)

New look for Tatura Water Tower 24-03-2016 (PDF: 97.6KB)

Recent rainfall a welcome sight but storages remain low 13-05-2016 (PDF: 83.9KB)

Mansfield Bonnie Doon reservoirs refill after rain 01-06-2016 (PDF: 217.5KB)

Annual customer satisfaction survey 16-06-2016 (PDF: 81.3KB)

Wear blue to support the loo 21-06-2016 (PDF: 133.2KB)

Buxton Primary School awarded 2 star ResourceSmart School 24-06-2016 (PDF: 140.7KB)

Katandra West Primary School becomes regions fourth Water Only School 22-07-2016 (PDF: 182.2KB)

Treated water to be released in Eildon 01-08-2016 (PDF: 80.5KB)

Recycled water release in Avenel 09-08-2016 (PDF: 82.2KB)

Routine release of recycled water in Tatura 09-08-2016 (PDF: 84.1KB)

Recycled water to be released in Mansfield 15-08-2016 (PDF: 82KB)

Treated water release in Seymour 15-08-2016 (PDF: 82.7KB)

Recycled water release in Kilmore 16-08-2016 (PDF: 82.6KB)

Sustainability Leaders Day 19-08-2016 (PDF: 115KB)

Guthrie Street students wear blue to support the loo 30-08-2016 (PDF: 127.6KB)

Numurkah tennis club Choose Tap 01-09-2016 (PDF: 121KB)

Alexandra wastewater management facility upgrade 06-09-2016 (PDF: 83.8KB)

GVW presented with awards at WIOA conference 09-09-2016 (PDF: 131.6KB)

Recycled water release into Sunday Creek 09-09-2016 (PDF: 83.8KB)

Recycled water release in Euroa 19-09-2016 (PDF: 81.2KB)

Recycled water release in Nagambie 27-09-2016 (PDF: 81.4KB)

Recycled water release in Nathalia and Numurkah 27-09-2016 (PDF: 82.4KB)

Treated wastewater release 05-10-2016 (PDF: 82.2KB)

Cobram water supply and sewerage system update 06-10-2016 (PDF: 79.1KB)

The battle is on to find the best tasting tap water in Australia 06-10-2016 (PDF: 133.1KB)

National Water Week Festival Marysville 18-10-2016 (PDF: 15.8KB)

New winter storage lagoon for Tatura facility 21-10-2016 (PDF: 82.8KB)

Community celebration in Marysville 08-11-2016 (PDF: 83.7KB)

Goulburn Valley Water seeking customer feedback 18-11-2016 (PDF: 38.3KB)

A collaborative approach 22-11-2016 (PDF: 132.9KB)

Pyalong water supply secure 23-11-2016 (PDF: 225KB)

Sewer blockages the focus of award winner 01-12-2016 (PDF: 124.3KB)

Northern District sewer jetting and root foaming to improve sewer service 02-12-2016 (PDF: 82.2KB)

Still time to be heard on water and wastewater cut off fast approaching 02-12-2016 (PDF: 162.2KB)

Bushfires and your town water supply 06-12-2016 (PDF: 81.6KB)

Wastewater facility upgrade at Alexandra 06-12-2016 (PDF: 82.6KB)

Water innovators rewarded 13-12-2016 (PDF: 158.6KB)