Due to the large number and size of our facilities, we manage significant areas of land supporting a broad range of ecosystems. As part of our commitment to sustainable resource management we have initiatives that support and enhance ecosystem values, such as native tree planting programs, fencing of remnant native vegetation and development of ‘Land for Wildlife’ sites.

Indigenous vegetation species have been re-established, and we are working towards protecting native fauna at various sites. This has been achieved by undertaking protective fencing, on-going fox baiting programs and tree planting projects.

We also conduct projects in partnership with the Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority (GBCMA) and regional Landcare groups improving biodiversity value and achieving integrated catchment management objectives. The Victorian Waterway Management Strategy allows us to work with the GBCMA to develop regional catchment priorities which ensure our activities do not adversely impact on river health. In addition, we also manage the regional Waterwatch program with volunteers and staff undertaking water monitoring programs.

Our Environment Plan 2018-2023 continues to guide strategic environmental management initiatives. With this in place, we continue to explore opportunities that will provide further benefit to the environmental and social outcomes we strive for.