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Goulburn Valley Water

FAULTS & EMERGENCIES: 1800 454 500

Reports and Plans

We produce a variety of reports, plans and strategies to ensure we meet all our regulatory requirements.

Annual Report
Our annual report is published in October and includes financial information and other Victorian Government reporting requirements.

2016-17 Annual Report

2015-16 Annual Report

2014-15 Annual Report

2013-14 Annual Report

2012-13 Annual Report

Water Quality Report
We are governed by the Safe Drinking Water Act 2003, the Safe Drinking Water Regulations 2005 and the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines 2011Our Water Quality Annual Report is published in November and details our performance related to safe drinking water.

2016-17 Water Quality Report

2015-16 Water Quality Report

2014-15 Water Quality Report

2013-14 Water Quality Report

2012-13 Water Quality Report

To ensure we operate within government frameworks we also have plans and strategies to ensure we balance supply, demand and security of water resources in our region.