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Goulburn Valley Water

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Small Business Grants (APPLICATIONS CLOSED)

Water supplies in Victoria are under pressure. Drought and uncertainty surrounding climate change, combined with population growth, continually increase the demand on water storages in Victoria. The Victorian Government has developed an integrated approach to urban water management, including targets to reduce drinking water consumption, to ensure a secure and reliable water supply for Victoria.

Grants for Small Business Water and Wastewater Efficiency Scheme are available for small businesses, grants close on 30 June 2015.

Please download a Small Business Grant Application Form and carefully read the Terms and Conditions contained within the form.

Rather than automatically awarding the grants in the order of applications received, applications will be assessed individually, against the selection criteria. Three of our staff members will evaluate the applications.

Selection criteria are intended to assess the compliance with the terms and conditions and the suitability of the works proposed to improve water efficiency.

Selection criteria relevant to the small business grants are:

  • Application must be received by the closing date.
  • Application must be for a non-residential customer only (i.e. such as businesses, schools, councils, hospitals and aged care facilities) and within our region.
  • Only one application per property service.
  • Project must focus on water efficiency e.g. dual flush toilets, low flow shower heads, rain water harvesting or grey water recycling.
  • Where appliances that are Water Efficiency Labelling Standards (WELS) rated are being fitted, they must be minimum 3 star (refer
  • All fittings and installations of water-efficient appliances are to be compliant with relevant Government regulations.

We may pay up to 50% of your out of pocket expenses up to a maximum of $5000.

It would be beneficial for applications to participate in the voluntary waterMAP program.

Grants to be awarded in order based on percentage of potable water saved by improved water efficiency resulting from project funding applied for. Priority will be given to projects that generate a high level of water savings.

Grants to be awarded until funds from state government exhausted.

Following assessment of viability of each application, we will provide written notification to each successful applicant, detailing conditions and payment terms. We will also provide written notification to any applicants to whom grants were not awarded.

Grants will be provided as a lump sum against a paid invoice provided by a customer detailing cost of the project. (i.e. receipt from plumber, contractor etc.) and as part of the assessment process site visits may be conducted.