4B) Ongoing participation in the choice and design of carbon emission solutions - through the Carbon Customer Advisory Group (CCAG)

About this project

We have developed a Climate Change Mitigation Strategy, but it will require decisions to be made in coming years and we want customers to be involved in this process. Engagement on our price dubmission also supported the involvement and consultation of customers on carbon emissions reduction. This means we can tap into innovative, out-of-the-box thinking, particularly when the group is required to consider new and emerging technologies.

Actions to date

The Carbon-Neutrality Customer Group - since renamed the Carbon Customer Advisory Group - has been formed and has met on various occasions to discuss scope for local solutions, preferences and synergies. We have recruited strategically for this group so all viewpoints across the customer base are represented.
We’ve held face-to-face and online meetings during the past couple of years as a result of the pandemic. In the past 12 months, we’ve held two meetings: one in June 2021 via Zoom, where we held a breakout session to deep dive into how GVW can work collaboratively to reduce carbon emissions with local benefits. We also took people on a virtual tour of the new High Rate Anaerobic Lagoon at the Shepparton Wastewater Management Facility and discussed the importance of the cover for gas capture and emissions reduction.
We held a second Zoom meeting in November, where we asked participants to consider ways in which GVW could reduce emissions and how they compare. Multiple themes emerged, such as the preference for local projects and the need to remain flexible. 
Previous engagement has focused on Scope 1 offset options and Scope 2 abatement options, such as carbon offset opportunities, as well as discussions on solar power and Power Purchase Agreements.

What's next?

We’ve planned our next meeting for June, where we’ll visit the Shepparton Wastewater Management Facility and discuss the biogas system. This was originally planned for last year, but had to be postponed due to coronavirus (COVID-19) requirements. We’re also planning another meeting for November.

Our accountability for this project

The group has been convened. It will report annually on its utilisation and effective-ness as a customer voice in the methods to reduce carbon emissions.

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