3A) A more efficient and consistent customer experience - through implementation of our customer at the centre strategy

About this project

RResults from our Annual Customer Service Evaluation Research Survey indicate that overall our customers are satisfied when dealing with GVW (98% overall in the 2021 survey). Our customer facing teams devised a new approach to seeking survey feedback and have worked hard to improve the customer experience in each area, resulting in an excellent satisfaction score overall.
We’re committed to improving customer service across the business – through digital enablement, first contact resolution, information transparency and GVW having a greater understanding of our customers’ needs.

Actions to date

Our Customer Experience Improvement Program for teams that answer customer calls was implemented in the second half of 2021, led by customer experience experts CSBA for 33 staff. We’ve already implemented a customer experience framework for call-answering, and while the project is still in its early stages, it will also see us develop service standards and identify customer experience improvements.
Since May 2021, we’ve been working on customer journey mapping in four key customer-focused areas of our business and we’re now expanding it into other teams for input. We’ve already identified 180 customer journeys to map (and completed 30 of those), and we’ll continue to add and refine as we go through and map these. The maps will help improve systems and processes and enable better conversations about improvement across the business.
We’ve also begun a complaints handling process review, looking at what we currently do and what other successful organisations do. We’ll present to our Executive Leadership Team on our options in the next 12 months. We’ve also been looking at our outcomes action plan from our customer surveys, with an aim for managers to begin implementing identified actions in the next few months.
This builds on previous work in this space, which includes our refreshed Customer Strategy, ongoing customer satisfaction surveys, and seeking and acting on customer feedback via traditional and digital engagement channels - all considered by our Customer Experience Group, which meets regularly for updates on work in this space and to deep dive into specific customer experience projects.

What's next?

Journey mapping will continue, as will progress on the projects mentioned previously. We also plan to begin an assessment of our performance against WSAA’s (our industry peak body) Customer Centricity Maturity Framework, which will help inform our customer centricity priority actions.
We’ll also see a General Manager Customer and Retail step into this newly-created role, which will see all customer-facing teams brought together to continue driving customer experience improvements.

Our accountability for this project

The results of our annual Customer Satisfaction Survey will be reported to customers each year and considered at each Annual Performance Forum to seek customers’ views on any action needed. Where there is any shortfall in performance against the previous levels we will undertake targeted improvement activities to close the gap.

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