2C) Much improved standard of water to be supplied to selected towns receiving non-potable water through targeted upgrades

About this project

GVW supplies six towns with non-potable water. These towns are Corop, Goulburn Weir, Kirwan’s Bridge, Molesworth, Strathbogie and Woods Point.
We are progressively working to upgrade the water in these towns in line with customer preferences, based on thorough engagement with each community. This individualised approach allowed us to discuss residents’ concerns and thoughts in detail.
In-depth engagement will form the basis of how to address water quality in affected areas.

Actions to date

In-depth one-on-one meetings have been held with residents in three of the six towns supplied with non-potable water to investigate and develop potential improvement options based on town consensus. Initial investigations into potential improvement options for some towns have been carried out.

What's next?

Planning is underway to meet with customers individually in the remaining three towns in the future. We are now developing improvement plans for each town where we’ve already met with residents, as well as costing each option. We’ll then report back to each community and discuss any further feedback.

Our accountability for this project

Progressive upgrades of water quality to those towns currently supplied with non-potable water in line with customer preferences, as per our Price Plan.
We will develop options for water quality improvement in consultation with the community by June 30, 2019, and agreed improvement option for at least two towns will be developed by 30 June 2021.
If improvements are needed, agreed improvement options for remaining towns developed by 30 June 2023.
Based on priority and above dates, each customer of each impacted town will receive a GSL credit of $50 per year for each year of the delay.

For this information in PDF form, click here to download the factsheet (PDF: 749KB)