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Goulburn Valley Water

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Kilmore Environmental Offsets Project

GVW is proposing an innovative environmental offsets solution that upgrades the treated wastewater at Kilmore to a standard where the water can be returned to stream as an environmental flow. The low energy wastewater treatment improvements include an extra aeration stage during the lagoon–based treatment as well as rock filters, nutrient removal and disinfection to improve the recycled water quality.

An off-site program of catchment improvement works, or environmental offsets, will be undertaken at the same time as facility upgrades. This includes improvements to the riparian zone along Kilmore and Kurkurac Creeks whilst working with council to ensure best practice management of stormwater in the town.

A Works Approval for the project was granted to GVW by the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) in early 2017. Over the coming months, GVW will consult with key stakeholders to ensure the best outcomes from the project and to offer the community opportunities to partner in determining and carrying out the environmental offset works.

The on-site treatment works at the Kilmore WMF have commenced and are due for completion in 2018.

More details can be found in the Information Sheet - Kilmore Environmental Offsets.