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Goulburn Valley Water

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Maculata Drive Odour Reduction

Goulburn Valley Water is aware that residents in the vicinity of the GVW tower on Maculata Drive Shepparton, are experiencing sewerage system odour issues. We apologise for the current situation and recognise that it has been an ongoing issue for local residents. We are currently trialing a temporary odour reduction solution to provide an immediate improvement and also developing a long term permanent solution.

The issue is caused by the sewerage system venting odour and the situation has been reported to both the EPA and Energy & Water Ombudsman.

GVW have received complaints of sewerage overflow. GVW have no record of spills in the area and residents should note that the only source of odour is the tower on GVW land on Maculata Drive in Shepparton.

Current progress:

December 2014

The Central Operations & Maintenance team repaired an odour leak at the base of the tower which assisted in reducing the problem.

Odour reduction works have been installed upstream and downstream of this site and additional pipelines have been installed to reduce the flow of sewage through the problem structure.

January 2015

The temporary de-odourising system has been installed and is operating continuously from 5am to 10pm daily. The de-odouriser produces an apple scented mist and staff are checking the system frequently to ensure optimum performance.  As this is a new technology for GVW there will be an element of trial and error, residents are encouraged to contact GVW to provide feedback on the works. Due to the size of the de-odourising system there will be increased activity at the site. GVW apologises for any inconvenience this activity causes.

February 2015 

Public Information Session

As part of our commitment to customer service, Goulburn Valley Water would like to invite the residents of surrounding streets to discuss and answer any queries about the works.

Details of the information session are as follows:

Date:               Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Time:               5.00 pm

Venue:             Goulburn Valley Water Land and Tank. Maculata Drive, Shepparton (entry from The Boulevard).

The purpose of the session is to provide the community with information on the options reviewed and why the preferred option to use temporary de-odourising units was chosen.

The session will cover:

  • Introduction and history of site;
  • Odour – Current status and long term plan;
  • Temporary de-odourising system demonstration; and
  • Water booster pump station role.

March 2015

On February 26 an inception meeting was held with GVW personnel and a design consultant. Please check this page for updates as we progress through the project schedule. The expected project completion date is December 2015.

December 2015

Residents in the vicinity of Maculata Drive Shepparton will experience some welcome relief from sewerage odours that have caused problems in the area over a number years.

Project Manager Reddy Eda, said the Corporation have been working on an odour control project at the site since the beginning of the year to improve odours often experienced by residents. “Residents living near the tower have been putting up with odour issues for a long time so we made a commitment to them that we would address the issue during 2015.”

Investigations and odour control trials at the site determined that the main source of the problem was the Maculata Drive tower. “The reinforced concrete tower had been in operation for over 50 years and due to its age, the condition of the structure had deteriorated over time resulting in odour leaks” Mr Eda said.

After trialling a temporary odour reduction system earlier in the year, a maintenance chamber (Figure 1) and bypass arrangement (Figure 2) have now been installed at the site to bypass the tower which has significantly reduced sewerage odours.

The final stage of works, an odour control facility, is well underway and it is predicted that this installation will be completed by the end of December. GVW would like to thank residents for their patience throughout the project and steps have been taken to minimise the risk of this issue reoccurring.

For more information or to report an odour problem customers can contact our Customer Service Centre on 1800 454 500.






 Inception Meeting - consultant engaged to design bypass structure   Complete
 Geotechnical Investigation   Complete
 Gas Composition Testing   Complete
 Plume Dispersion Modelling   Complete 
 Draft Functional Design   Complete
 GVW Review   Complete
 Functional Design Workshop   Complete
 Draft Preliminary Design   Complete
 GVW Review   Complete
Draft Tender Documents and Specifications   Complete
GVE Review   Complete 
Final Tender Documents and Specification   Complete
Release Tender   Complete
Tender Assessment/Recommendation   Complete
Tender Awarded    Complete
Contractor Begins D&C Contract    Complete
GVW Review    Complete
Materials Procurement    Complete
Construction    Complete
Commissioning    Commenced
Project Completed    


Long term improvement plan

  • A permanent bypass pipeline will be constructed, which will allow the current tower to be decommissioned.
  • A permanent odour management system will be installed by December 2015.


This page will be updated frequently with progress of works at Maculata Drive however, if you require further information please contact the 24 hour Customer Service Centre on 1800 454 500.