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Goulburn Valley Water

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GVW cracks down on use of pre-tapped connections

24 July 2018

Goulburn Valley Water (GVW) is cracking down on the use of pre tapped connections prior to water meter installation due to potential health risks.

Pre tapped connections are installed by developers on behalf of Goulburn Valley Water to enable quick and easy future meter connections to progress water supply as part of new home or building development works. 

GVW understands some builders are using bridging pieces without consent to access water on the site before water meters are applied for, and more importantly, installed. 

However, pre-tapped connections do not have backflow prevention devices installed, meaning water can siphon back into the water main if there is a burst or negative pressure created in the system.  

GVW’s Manager Operations Steven Nash said GVW would be removing bridging connections where found.  

“Bridging pieces are connections to the Goulburn Valley Water main and means water is being stolen; and there is no backflow prevention provided by the water meter,” Mr Nash said. 

“It also poses a significant health risk to the community, as on-site water which may be contaminated can be drawn back into the reticulation pipe and into the wider public distribution network if there is negative pressure in the system. 

“We ask that builders and plumbers install a water meter immediately. Builders and owners will be held responsible for contaminating the water supply if siphoning does occur while using a connection.” 

If you need access to water on a site or a faster meter connection to the property, call GVW’s Property Services Team on (03) 5832 4640 to discuss your options. 

The use of bridging pieces on pre tapped connections is a chargeable offence under the Water Act 1989.