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Water Only a first for Cobram

09 March 2018

Bluebird Early Education Centre Cobram will become Cobram’s first ‘Water Only Kinder’ on Thursday 15 March.

Since its launch in March 2017, Kristy Elrington, Goulburn Valley Water's (GVW) Education Officer, said that the ‘Water Only’ Kinder program had really taken off.

“The initiative has been a huge hit with Kinders from across our region signing up to participate and by the end of the term we’ll have seventeen pre-schools recognised as being ‘Water Only’.”

The ‘Water Only’ program focuses on improving the health of children and adults in the Goulburn Valley by providing support to Schools, Workplaces and Kinders to inform their staff, students and community of lifestyle choices which can improve health and performance. By signing up to become ‘Water Only’ staff and students commit to only allowing tap water or plain milk to be consumed on grounds.

Kristy explained that “the purpose of this program is to encourage staff, students and their families to make smart choices about what they drink.”

“The availability of sugary drinks at Kinder in lunch boxes sends a message to children that these are suitable every day drinks rather than sometimes drinks. By discouraging them at Kinder we hope to convey a healthy message to children, with potential to also change community attitudes.”

To assist the transition, GVW will provide each student with a drink bottle, choose tap stickers and magnets. Students will be encouraged to fill up at home and throughout the day to keep hydrated. Students will also participate in activities on the day of the launch to help them understand why their kinder is ‘Water Only’.

Kristy Elrington will be at the Bluebird Early Education Centre in Cobram on Thursday 15 March at 11.00 to launch the program, present the kinder with its new sign and run activities with the students.

The ‘Water Only’ project supports organisations in promoting themselves as ‘Water Only’ by:

• Ensuring drinking water is available at all times

• Permitting children and staff to bring only water to Kinder

• Ensuring staff model the behaviour by not bringing sweet drinks to Kinder

‘Water Only’ is a Choose Tap program which assists in delivering the important messages of choosing tap water for your health, the environment and your hip pocket.

If you are interested in becoming a ‘Water Only’ School, Kinder or Workplace or would like more information about the ‘Choose Tap’ program please contact GVW Education Officer, Kristy Elrington (p) 5832 4869 or (e)