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Goulburn Valley Water

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Your town water supply during a bushfire

18 December 2017

If your property is in a fire prone area it is important to consider your water supply when developing your individual fire plan.

As we enter the summer months and the danger of fire is at its highest Goulburn Valley Water is encouraging customers to consider alternative, reliable water sources such as a large dam, irrigation channel, or creek when preparing their plan.

The Corporation’s Risk and Integrated System’s Coordinator, Luke Haines, said that during a major fire the demand on the town water supply can be so great that it is likely to exceed the capacity of the system. "This means that water pressure may either be reduced or some areas may even be without water."

Mr Haines also said that the reduced pressure may even impact on your ability to fight a fire. "The safest option would be to leave early and be well away from the threat, only residents who are fully prepared should consider staying to defend their property.”

For further information and advice on planning and preparing for a bushfire visit the CFA website