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Goulburn Valley Water

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Kilmore Wastewater Management Facility Upgrade

02 October 2017

Goulburn Valley Water will be upgrading the Kilmore Wastewater Management Facility (WMF) on Costello Road. The upgrade will improve the Corporation’s capabilities in managing and treating Kilmore’s wastewater, both now and into the future. Currently, the facility treats wastewater from Kilmore’s residential and business customers in a lagoon based system and reuses the recycled water to irrigate nearby pastures. The upgrade will include:

  • Adding a water supply line to a mounted emergency safety shower and eye wash at the facility;
  • Installing more aerators in the lagoons to improve the treatment process;
  • An inlet works upgrade, including building a new inlet screen, which will assist the treatment process by removing unwarranted plastics and material matter from the wastewater;
  • Installing a new chemical dosing unit; and
  • Constructing wetlands, which will enable a filtering system within the final stages of the treatment process.

 WSP Consultants have been engaged to assist GVW with the project. The works are estimated to cost $5.5 million and construction is due to commence mid-2018.