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Goulburn Valley Water

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National Water Week

11 October 2017

Goulburn Valley Water is celebrating National Water Week in October!

The aim of National Water Week is to raise awareness of the need to value and conserve water as a precious resource that brings life and prosperity to communities.

Each year, as part of the excitement of National Water Week, a theme is chosen. The theme this year is ‘Water – the Heart of our Culture’. This theme with an Indigenous aspect again proved very popular with the community.

National Water Week celebrations involve events, competitions and fun activities for school students and members of the community.

Over 6,000 entries were received from primary and secondary schools competing in the following competition categories;

Create A Critter;

Dreamtime Story Writing;

Water - The Heart of Our Culture Photographic Competition; and

Indigi-Art Water Animal Competition.

The ‘Create A Critter’ competition encouraged students to participate in arts and craft by creating small figurines of freshwater macroinvertebrate creatures out of recycled materials, fabric, wool, paint, beading and more.

‘Dreamtime Stories Writing Competition’ encouraged students to write a short fiction or nonfiction poem or story about the creation of a waterway or native water animal using inspiration from Dreamtime stories.

‘Water The Heart of Our Culture Photography Competition encouraged students to explore visual story telling related to the theme.

However it was the ‘Indigi-art Water Animal Competition’ which proved to be the big hit with primary schools. Students decorated wooden animal shapes and were encouraged to learn about Indigenous art and the cultural importance to Aboriginal people of the region.

GVW Educational Officer Kristy Elrington said; “This year has been an exciting year for Water Week. Every year, we follow a certain theme and this year’s theme of ‘Water – the Heart of our Culture’ encouraged young people to understand why water is such a precious source of life and allowed them to explore it’s cultural significance in our Indigenous communities.

GVW will be announcing the primary and secondary school winners of National Water Week at the ‘Gone Fishing Day’ event held in Shepparton at Victoria Park Lake on Sunday 15th October, 2017, from 11:00 am – to 3:00 pm. The “Gone Fishing Day” event is an annual community event organised by Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority (GBCMA) in partnership with GVW. The event features loads of prizes, a fishing skills session, a free BBQ and fun activities as part of celebrating Water Week. GVW would like to welcome all community members to come down to the ‘Gone Fishing Day’ event, get involved and support our schools National Water Week winners.