17 January 2019

Increased water consumption due to warmer weather resulted in discolouration to water supplied to Avenel residents early this week.

The increased water consumption (the flow rates were 6 times higher than normal everyday use) has caused manganese and iron deposits along the main to become dislodged from the pipeline, which has caused discolouration. GVW staff immediately responded to the issue and closely monitored the situation and continually tested the water to ensure it remained safe to drink.

Goulburn Valley Water has confirmed that at all times, water supplied to residents in Avenel has been safe to drink. The water supply returned to normal clarity on Wednesday.

Goulburn Valley Water also confirmed the discolouration was not linked to an issue two weeks earlier where raw water pumps supplying the Seymour Water Treatment Plant failed. The storage tanks have not failed and Avenel residents were not asked to limit their water use as staff worked to ensure a continual supply during hot weather.

Goulburn Valley Water has spoken to eight Avenel residents who contacted GVW about the water quality and reassured them the water is safe to drink and supplies have returned to normal.

No further complaints have been received about the water quality in Avenel.

Goulburn Valley Water encourages residents who would like to speak to a staff member about their water quality to phone our 24-hour Customer Service Centre on 1800 454 500.

A sample of water taken from Avenel on Tuesday, January 15 showing water clarity had returned to normal.