A rather unique vehicle blew into Shepparton last weekend – a bright red tuk tuk powered by Shepparton’s own ‘fart gas’.

The tuk tuk - SolarTuk Expedition’s vehicle designed to raise awareness about renewable energy and sustainable transport – stopped in Shepparton to recharge at Goulburn Valley Water’s Shepparton Wastewater Management Facility (WMF) using energy converted from biogas.

A methane-rich gas produced during the anaerobic wastewater treatment process at the WMF is captured, cleaned and converted to energy via a generator as part of our agreement with Diamond Energy. The 1.1 MW Shepparton generator can produce up to 3000MWh of renewable energy a year, which is then fed back into the national grid – that’s the equivalent of powering about 600 homes. It also saves almost 4000 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent being released into the atmosphere.

The SolarTuk Expedition is currently travelling through eastern Victoria from Melbourne to Cairns, before it embarks on an international journey.

You can follow the SolarTuk Expedition at www.solartuk.org or on Facebook www.facebook.com/solartukexpedition/