5 July 2022

A new raw water standpipe in Broadford has been installed to help reduce dependence on treated water supplies and contribute towards drought-proofing the Broadford water supply.

Lower storage inflows and higher water use as a result of a changing climate is creating new pressures on the drinking water supply system.

The new raw water standpipe will allow users to take untreated water to use for certain projects, like construction or roadworks, helping to divert additional use away from the treated water supply.

An upgraded potable water standpipe has also been installed on the site as part of stage 2 of GVW’s ongoing standpipe upgrade project.

The new standpipe is a safer, waist-level fill unit and replaces an older, overhead-fill version. It also has account card or credit card facilities, making it simpler and easier to access for customers and water carters than the previous paper account system.

Goulburn Valley Water Managing Director Steve Capewell said identifying alternate sources of water was a key part of securing the region’s water future.

“Creating access via new, alternative water sources will help with long-term management of sustainable water supplies and reduce dependence on treated, drinking water for uses where raw, untreated water is the better option,” Dr Capewell said.

“Installing a new, safer potable water standpipe at the same site will help improve access via the card system and make it easier and quicker for people to use.”

The standpipes have also been relocated to a new site to improve safety and accessibility and the new potable water standpipe is now operational. The old potable water standpipe will be switched off on 18 July 2022. The new raw water standpipe will be operational from 5 August 2022.

They are located on the corner of Sunday Creek Rd and Broadford-Wandong Rd – for more information or for access, please visit www.gvwater.vic.gov.au/business/standpipes