17 December 2019

A new bore sunk at Euroa will help boost available water supplies to Euroa and Violet Town.

The bore has been sunk at our Abbinga reservoirs site, and had a maximum depth set of 200m.

Late last week, the bore hit water at a depth of 199m after hitting solid rock.

We expect it will yield around 5 litres per second with low salinity levels. It will take another 1-2 months to commission the bore.

The bore will help supply water to the Euroa Water Treatment Plant, rather than relying on limited stored water availability at the Abbinga reservoirs, which will be required to supply the two towns throughout the summer and early autumn months.

Stage 2 water restrictions have been in place for both Euroa and Violet Town since April 2019 following lengthy periods of low rainfall and high temperatures.

Importantly, while finding water is good news, the flow rate we can achieve is still well below town demand.

We still need the assistance of residents to reduce overall water usage to ensure there is no requirement to escalate current Stage 2 restrictions, which is something GVW is working really hard to try and avoid.

GVW has been working on a number of supply alternatives and optimisation ahead of a predicted warm and dry summer to ensure the security of the water supply for coming months.

You can find more information on what you can and can’t do under Stage 2 restrictions and tips to save water.

The new bore running at Euroa.