03 July 2018

With overnight temperatures dipping below zero, Goulburn Valley Water (GVW) is reminding customers to protect their water meters on frosty nights.

People are urged to place a cover over their above-ground meter to ensure their pipes and meters don’t freeze up during nights with sub-zero temperatures.

Frozen meters can split or burst under pressure. Residents also may not have access to water until frozen pipes or meters thaw out.

Covers can be created from a cardboard box, a plastic tub or bucket or hessian bag or old blanket.

GVW Operations Manager Steven Nash said protecting water meters can help customers avoid costly repair bills.

“Placing a cover over your meter reduces the chance of water inside the meter or pipes freezing when the temperature drops below zero,” Mr Nash said.

“Frozen water can expand inside the meters or pipes, causing them to burst or split.

“If your meter has frozen you should wait for it to thaw naturally, but if you can’t wait, you can pour lukewarm water over it. Don’t pour hot or boiling water on it, as this can also cause it to burst or split.”

Customers should ensure GVW staff still have safe access to meters at all times if they are covered.

If you experience a burst water meter, you should turn off your water supply if possible, and call the GVW faults and emergencies hotline on 1800 454 500.

Place a cardboard box over your water meter to protect it from frost.