3 December 2020

Goulburn Valley Water is thanking residents for their efforts to reduce water consumption while critical repair works were underway at the Shepparton Water Treatment Plant in November. 

Large scale works at the plant - which supplies residents in Shepparton, Kialla, Congupna, Mooroopna, Tallygaroopna and Toolamba – were completed over Sunday November 15 and Monday November 16 nights to repair two leaks in a large, 1200mm diameter pipe.  

The scale of the works meant the water treatment plant was required to be offline while the works were carried out, meaning all towns were relying on limited water storage capacity overnight until the plant came back online. 

To ensure continuity of supply while the plant was offline and limit pressure on water storages, customers were asked to reduce outdoor water consumption and delay lawn and garden watering for the two days while works were occurring.  

Water use dropped to about 30 megalitres/night on Sunday and Monday, compared to 50 megalitres produced after the works were completed and the request to reduce water use lifted. 

Operations Manager Steven Nash thanked the community for their help to substantially decrease water usage on the Sunday and Monday nights. 

“The cooperation of the community was fantastic, and we really appreciated everyone’s efforts to minimise their water use while we carried out critical repairs,” he said.  

“The works will help ensure we have the right infrastructure in place to continue delivering quality water services for our customers for years to come.”
Asset Optimisation Team Leader Daan Van Riel said works carried out by leading water infrastructure company Interflow involved the installation of two 1200mm diameter bands fitted to the inside of the pipe to repair and seal two radial cracks. 

“These repairs were the final piece in a broader suite of upgrades at the Shepparton Water Treatment Plant, including the installation of a new dosing duct flowmeter, which helps us to ensure optimal water quality,” he said. 

“These upgrades and repairs were quite complex and involved a number of GVW teams and contractors working together, and to complete the works successfully ahead of peak summer water usage is a great outcome.”