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Revised Permanent Water Saving Rules Apply

Revised Permanent Water Saving Rules Apply
  Customers are encouraged to fit a trigger nozzle to all handheld hoses

16 December 2011

Goulburn Valley Water has varied its Permanent Water Saving Plan and associated rules in accordance with a variation approved by the Minister for Water.

GVW Managing Director, Peter Quinn, said changes to the rules included revised watering times for sprinklers. “Customers are encouraged to water in the evenings or mornings to avoid evaporation,” he said. “The window for sprinkler watering begins one hour later than previously, with customers now asked to wait until after 6pm to turn the sprinkler on if the garden needs it,” he said. Sprinklers should not be used after 10am.

Customers are obliged to follow the rules every day of the year. “The Permanent Water Saving Rules (PWSRs) are in place on a permanent and ongoing basis,” said Mr Quinn. “They are a series of common sense rules that all customers supplied water by Victorian Water Authorities are obliged to follow day to day to ensure water is not wasted.”

PWSRs aim to promote efficient and sensible use of water without significantly restricting customer choice and flexibility. “These rules reflect the value that Victorians place on water, and the community view that water is a precious resource that should be conserved where possible.”

Summary of PWSRs

  • The use of sprinklers is allowed between 6 o’clock at night and 10 o’clock in the morning.
  • A handheld hose can be used at any time of day and night if it is leak free, and is fitted with a trigger nozzle. A bucket or watering can may also be used at any time.
  • Instead of using water to wash down the footpath, driveway and other hard surfaces, a broom must be used.
  • Fountains and water features must recirculate the water.
  • Guardians of public gardens and lawn areas must also abide by these rules, unless an approved Water Use Plan is in place.

All GVW customers are expected to follow PWSRs. No ‘water restrictions’ apply at this time.

Please note: These rules will not apply in the case of an accident, fire, safety hazard or another emergency or in respect to the health of people or animals.

For more information please contact Michaela Sargeant on 5832 0471, or email michaelas@gvwater.vic.gov.au.

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