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Goulburn Valley Water

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Choose Tap

Our 'Choose Tap' program aims to increase awareness of the health and environmental benefits of drinking tap water.

More than a billion people worldwide do not have access to safe drinking water - but sometimes in Australia we take our quality tap water for granted. Australian’s spend more than $500 million a year on bottled water, which puts a strain on the environment, and is an expense we could easily avoid. Water is the best source of hydration, is calorie free, and tap water is a bargain compared to any other drink.

Choose Tap provides sponsorship to community groups, organisations and schools wishing to promote the benefits of tap water in their community.

Sporting Partnerships
Our Choose Tap program partners with local sporting events and associations. Advocating Choose Tap encourages healthy choices and helps to prevent obesity in the future.

Permanent Water Refill Stations
We are installing Water Refill Stations, in partnership with local councils and organisations, in public spaces throughout our service area.

Choose Tap Education
Our Choose Tap education program provides teachers with the materials they need to teach children that drinking water is good for healthy bodies, teeth and brains. Education Officers are available to run Choose Tap sessions at your school by completing an online booking form or contacting

Portable Hydration Stations
Our portable water provision units are available through sponsorship arrangements for eligible outdoor community events and are a great way to offer free water at your event. To book one of our portable hydration stations for your event read our sponsorship guidelines and complete a sponsorship application form.

Find out why it doesn't make sense to buy bottled water and be sure to Choose Tap instead!

Video thanks to Yarra Valley Water